Green Nature Coffee House

  • Direct Trade:

    We purchase our coffee directly from the farmers who protect the environment, while remaining the highest quality standards for coffee.
  • No Intermediaries:

    Nobody else handles our coffee but us.
  • Real Fresh Speciality Coffee: 

    Not everything that says “fresh” is fresh. However our coffee is Freshly Roasted, and more importantly, Newly Harvested.
  • 100 % Single Origin Colombian Coffee:

    Our objective is to source from micro-lots of single origins of specialty coffee with unique characteristics throughout the Colombian geography.
  • Knowledge: 

    Baristas of Green Nature Coffee House are not only trained in making drinks, but also understand the coffee culture.

"Give yourself the opportunity to taste the real flavor of good coffee. 

Green Nature Coffee House

Is not just a coffee drink.  “It is a coffee experience”